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We have over 10 years of consultancy experience in learning platforms and over 20 years of experience in leveraging on empowering technology. Let us help you.

Who we are

We are technology and learning experts that work in a wide range of pursuits while always employing a maker mindset and human- centered design. We are based in the Philippines and do enjoy eating taho.

For five years,

people have known us as Makerspace Manila. And through our makerspace (a kickass place where we make and run all sorts of good stuff), we've —

  • reached over 35,000 makers;
  • ran over 2,000 workshop hours; 
  • held talks to countless crowds;
  • shared with over 500 schools and companies;
  • co-developed potentially groundbreaking technologies; and
  • eaten over 600 cups of taho

A message from the COO

Here ye, here ye!

We are pleased to announce that FlowSparks, a robust, EU-based eLearning platform that works as a stand alone or LMS-integrated training solution, is now in Asia.

FlowSparks is an enterprise level, democratic, highly-responsive authoring tool and mini-LMS that runs in most devices, with just your usual browser, even on mobile data (disclaimer: assuming decent mobile signal).

English translation: we now enable companies to quickly create, conduct and monitor self-paced and automated training remotely, accessible via computer, tablet, or phone, even with just 3G/LTE service.

The investment in FlowSparks makes sense if you are a company that trains hundreds, if not thousands of employees regularly. Cost is dependent on multiple factors. As an example, ABC Company had the ff. training needs: (1) access to the complete set of FlowSparks smart templates / instructional formats; (2) 1,000 trainees (users); and (3) 10 authors. Their price comes out to only P2,400 per trainee per year, excluding minimal initial implementation costs.

That would be P2,400 annual training budget for each of your employees on self- paced, readily-accessible, and easily-repeatable content without the headache of classroom-type / Zoom-type scheduling woes, availability problems, and connectivity hiccups. All content are backed up safely in the FlowSparks cloud.

FlowSparks has been the choice eLearning partner of the largest (and listed) European firms across many industries for over a decade. Click here  to check out some actual use cases. Here as well  are detailed testimonials in webinar form for two prominent EU-based clients — AMC and Bridgestone.

If you are a company struggling to deploy updated product training to agents nationwide given this pandemic, we believe we can help. Same goes for technical training for software engineers, safety training for port operators, Board / Bar / licensure / certification training for would-be professionals. And the list goes on.

Email us at hello@nymbus.asia to schedule your demo.

Miguel Cervantes
Co-founder and COO
Nymbus Strategic Inc.
FlowSparks Asia Partner

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